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OMG i am having the BEST VALENTINES DAY EVER!!!!

this morning i woke up and made frosting and finished making 4 doz. cupcakes while listening to the 50s digital cable radio channel. It was all love songs and i felt like a mid-century housewife. Then i donned my pink with red heart tights, red heart socks, pink and red heart headband, pink crinoline, red sweater and white skirt and delivered cupcakes to our neighbors and the mailman! On my drive to work, Bobby called me and said i was AWESOME because i had a heart-shaped pepperoni pizza sent to his office.

THEN i took the rest of the cupcakes and just gave them out on the streets of downtown mesa. Like, to construction workers, shopkeepers, the hair salon i got my hair cut last may (haha. not since. i am terrible at getting timely haircuts), the sandwich shop, three homeless people who flagged me down, a woman parking a car, it was like i was a cupcake fairy spreading joy!

THENNNN i got to work and handed out HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL valentines and tootsie roll pops and valentines snickers! and about ten minutes ago, i got called to the front of the office where there were...


seriously. today so totally totally rules. and it's only 2:30 pm!!!

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neverminds :-(

tickets were too pricey for good tickets and WAYYY too pricey for shitty ones! we're gonna catch the hives show when they (hopefully) do some club dates....

it would have been VERY WACKY THOUGH!!! haha all is not lost, that weekend we are STILL going to HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL ON ICE ROW TWO BEATCHES WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! it's in november and we've had the tickets since um... march? april? hhahaha. ah geez.

i'm seeing corbin bleu, aly and aj and josh drake on wednesday courtesy of radio disney WOOOT!

maybe i should update more? i forgot how fun it is??
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for the first time in a LONG time (2002? 2003 possibly? i cannot recall exactly?) i am seeing phantom planet this fall?


p.s. they are opening for maroon 5 and THE HIIIIIIVVVVEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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yo yo...

my dad's still under sedation, but only 1/2 of what they had him on before, and no morphine, which is good... he was moving a little instead of just lying there yesterday, and we will take any movement at all that we can get. i'm here till sunday and i just hope to talk with him while i'm here?

since today's halloween, i have a halloween craft planned for when visitors stop by (i picked up supplies at the local wal-mart the other day...)

oh hellz yes. ghosts made of tampons. awesome.

i've had a lot of odd food in the hospital cafeteria. and by odd i mean genius. tall jello parfaits, yummy brownies and waffles, beef brisket, and a lot of strawberry milk.

alright, back to my life of the waiting room. we have pretty much moved in there with blankets and pillows and snacks... WE ARE TAKING OVERRRRRR!

happy halloween! don't get too spooooked!

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hey, my new aim is jzolondz.... its like my old one, jezolondz, only without the e. i thought it might be easier to change.
my aol got shut down. FINALLY. THE BEEATCHES!! but i don't have my old buddy list from the jezolondz screen name, so please, if you see me online and i like you (hahahaha) im me so i can store you.

update on adam green in san francisco later. let's just say it was... amazing. haha!


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ok. it's officially WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 23... or it will be in 15 minutes...

so WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE for not having

huhhh? do you have one??? an excuse?

go! get off your fanny and pick it up! gooooo! gooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

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so it appears i'm going to see adam in san fran!!


gotta find out when tix go on sale...

my sister and i are going and we're going to shop in chinatown and have a GOOD ol time!!!!


anyway, for anyone ELSE going to see adam
(tour dates are at www.adamgreen.net or the adam lj: www.livejournal.com/users/obsolete_to_you)

here's a SAMPLE set list (from a german show). man... if this is anything close to the set list he'll play in america well.. awesome... awesome...

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yesterday the only thing i had to do at work was ONE SINGLE PAGE hahaha. a cover on dungeons and dragons (i can't escape nerds!!! they're everywhere!!!) uhhh yeah. my last job i had to do at least one section a day plus a whole lot of other stuff. i guess my workload is going to be liike 3-4 sections a week... that's down from 9 sections PLUS wire copy pulls.. ohhh my! good times GOOD TIMES

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hey.. does anyone have communities?

i tried logging into the adam green one i set up awhile ago to change something and it says you can't log in as a community? so how are you suppossed to change stuff inside it? anyone? anyone know?